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How to Break Out of the Debt Cycle

Does your credit card currently have a balance on it? Many individuals will charge small purchases to their credit card then pay only the minimum monthly amount which leaves an always existing balance on the credit card. This feeling of needing just a little more money than you make is what leads to the debt […]

Saving money is something we all like to do and there are a myriad of different tools out there that people utilize in order to save. But what if some of the things we think are saving us money are actually causing us to spend more and lose our hard-earned money?  There are many everyday […]

How to Protect Your Money During the Holiday Season

The holidays are quickly approaching! Are you starting to feel the anxiety building about how you are going to get through another holiday season?  Have you even budgeted for this year’s holiday gift giving? No matter what financial situation you are facing this holiday season, money is always a concern. Overspending and poor credit usage […]

Are you at the point with your finances that you feel like you are in over your head and there is no other option that to file for bankruptcy? As a Cary bankruptcy attorney, I hear this question often. Many individuals won’t set up a bankruptcy consultation because the myths and stereotypes they have heard […]