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Understanding the Benefits and Drawbacks of Bankruptcy in Raleigh, NC

As the owner of his own Law Office of Dennis Jay Sargent Jr, PLLC, Sargent works as a bankruptcy attorney with a keen eye toward how bankruptcy can make things fair between those with completely different backgrounds and incomes. In the following pieces, Sargent writes about the ins and outs of different bankruptcy chapters, and whose situation they fit best.

How Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Can Help vs. Chapter 7

When juggling chapter 7 vs. chapter 13 bankruptcy options, Sargent explains that what’s at issue is speed vs. maintaining certain assets depending on the state.

The Advantages of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Raleigh, NC

Sargent lays out the bankruptcy provision of exemptions for property owners looking at the possibility of filing for chapter 7.

Bankruptcy Can Level the Playing Field

Interestingly, Sargent shows, bankruptcy is one of those rare legal institutions that makes no distinction between socioeconomic standing.